Friday, May 18, 2012

Frivolous Friday: Cashmere Tee

There's something oh so frivolous and lovely about cashmere - it looks nice, it holds its shape, and it doesn't pill.  And it's super soft and lasts forever.

I love this cashmere tee from J.Crew.  It would be perfect under a suit or for more casual affairs - and this coral color is lovely for this time of year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mixed Media Gallery Wall

I have been doing some serious dreaming (and pinning) of mixed media gallery walls lately.  I'm somewhat limited on wall space in my tiny baby apartment - but I have quite a few hang-on-the-wall type items that need homes.  I envision a combination of painting on canvas, framed photographs, framed prints, maybe something graphic, a mirror or two - and then I envision it all getting out of hand and looking like a dumping ground for everything I couldn't find a home for elsewhere. Woe is me.

I think I may just be brave enough to at least give it a try.  Hopefully it will turn out something like on of these beautiful walls:

Image: Angie Hranowsky [via]







Also, hi, love the above pew - probably going to need one of those.


Here's to hoping I can pull this off!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Catch up

Five very important things to update you on as I resume normal blogging this week (promise):

1.  I'm so sorry that I have been MIA.  Work has been brutal these past two months, and it's finally caught up to me.

2.  If you have ever had Cheesecake Factory's Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake, or thought about having it, you should make this.  And homemade cheesecake is totally calorie free - so that's a winner. 

3.  I acquired a new shirt this weekend that I love.

I wore it yesterday with white skinnies, and I'll wear it to work this week with a navy suit - love versatility. Also love a printed blouse with sleeves for work.

4. Has anyone tried Painting with a Twist? My sorority's local alumnae chapter has an event there this week - I'm kind of ridiculously excited about painting.  Then maybe I can do this!!

5. And I'll leave you with a shout out: Yesterday was not only Mother's Day, but also my mom's birthday - HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY AND BIRTHDAY, MOM! Love you! Glad I got to spend the weekend with you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Workwear Wednesday: Seersucker Suiting

I am majorly loving on these seersucker suit options:

The Kennedy Dress $168.00

The Bouligny Short Blazer $99.00

The Bobbie Blazer $180.00

The Morrison Pant $180.00

The Prytania Pencil Skirt $172.00

All items above are available from Jolie and Elizabeth.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

If you don't already read Kelle Hampton's blog Enjoying the Small Things, you should begin immediately.  And while you're at it, you should pick up a copy of her new memoir Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected.

It's beautiful and moving and you should buy a box of tissues before you start.  Not only is it chock full of beautiful photography, but it also has an amazing story of shock, love, acceptance, and joy.  I had to make myself put it down last week so that I could go to bed at a halfway decent hour, but I finished it the next night.

Highly recommend. 

Read anything good lately?
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